Friday, October 15, 2010


I am exhausted but had to share a picture from the miniature show I am helping put on this weekend! Some friends made miniature glitter houses from using printables from this website-
I used my Halloween pedestals to display some of them and added my Haunted Clock and a few other goodies to made a terrific display at the show! It was especially fun to turn off the lights to see the display in the dark-the glitter houses have flickering lights! Don't you love the new lamp?! Found it today! Love the colors.
Now off to bed to be ready for another fun filled but busy day!


  1. Your houses are lovely and they look like a ton of work. I love the lamp. I totally approve.

  2. No-not my houses! The clock is mine and the Halloween cake stands but other gals made the glitter houses. They were spectacular!