Sunday, October 24, 2010

Zimmerman Girl's Weekend.

It's quiet now, but this weekend I was host to my Aunt Jeanette (90 years young), two cousins, Mom (who just turned 87) and two sisters (I won't reveal their ages). The cottage was the place for our mini reunion and we thoroughly enjoyed our time together.
Friday we drove into Traverse City for supper at a favorite restaurant-Apache Trout Grill. The restaurant was generous and allowed us to celebrate both Mom's and Aunt Jeanette's birthdays with yummy desserts (I am notorious for asking for birthday desserts!).
Saturday we drove up to Petosky, stopping along the way at a favorite upper Michigan art gallery-Bier's ( ). Many of us found gifts and treasures to take home. I don't miss attending Ann Arbor Street Fair every July since finding this gallery. Ray&Tammy Bier traveled the art fair circuit until they became established in an old red school house/gallery just south of Charlevoix. We drove on into Petosky for lunch at City Park Grill-terrific place where Hemmingway spent time (at the beautiful bar-many years ago). We walked around town a bit, helping the economy before getting back on the road. It started to rain by then so when we drove through Charlevoix, we had a quick drive-by tour of the stone houses built by Earl Young. I took an inside tour of eight of these house this summer so I could share some of the highlights. It is always a treat to show these 'smurf houses' to others~the houses are so unique and special. We stopped at the Charlevoix Public Library for a potty break. I just discovered how special this building is this summer. A public school was converted into a magnificent library with many amenities. Wonderful place to check out if you are in the area!
The weekend involved delicious food-Aunt Jeanette brough homemade apple sauce made the same way as Gramma used to make it. The cookies, muffins, white chili, salsa and so many other terrific food choices made us all feel the love of family (although too stuffed!), not forgetting to mention the wonderful pies from Grand Traverse Pie Company. Yumm!
So I am here alone now, resting up for our drive home. John is outside working on something (no football game on at the moment). We have already decided on another weekend together in a warmer month. Looking forward to it!

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