Saturday, October 9, 2010


The art of paper cutting has intrigued me for many years. I have two silhouettes of each of the boys, done a few years apart (the silhouette of the girl was a find at an antique shop). I found a terrific buy on an older Scherenshnitt at a shop which specialized in taking old furniture and turning it into something else. That shop on Diamond isn't there anymore but the thrill of finding the framed paper cutting has remained. The man who owned the building worked overseas in embassy work so he returned to Grand Rapids with many treasures (his children wanted nothing to do with his antiques!). He bought this while stationed in Germany. I added a new matt and frame and just love it (even though I can't read the German saying on it). The Scherenschnitt on the piano I found on Ebay last year. It still needs a new matt and frame but is wonderful with the old lantern lighter (who looks like a witch) and the black cat. I bought some new paper cuttings at The American Sampler on Thornapple River Drive near 28th Street in Grand Rapids. Love the Halloween Parade. The smaller pumpkin silhouettes were hard to resist. The artist is Pamela Dalton and I also have several of her Christmas paper cuttings. Another of my collections which I added to today with Halloween silhouette drinking cups and flocked silhouette votives-which even have a mouse (or is it a rat?)!
Did I mention the Martha Stewart mouse silhouettes which are scurrying around the house looking for a non-existent mouse hole?

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