Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Lamps Continued....

I did say I love lamps and this time of the year I find I have several Halloweenie lamps.

I found the Harry Potter lamp in Petosky a few years ago and knew it would be great with a colored bulb during this season!

One of my personal favorites has to be the witch hat lamp I made myself. I saw what I thought was a witch hat lamp in a store but the price was high. I was perusing Target and found a toddlers witch hat so decided to make my own lamp. I bought a cheap black lamp at Hobby Lobby (half price) and changed the lamp shade by making a cone shape out of parchment paper, adding bat shapes to the parchment which show when lit. This wasn't quite stable enough so I searched for something heavier and found a clear plastic cone (and I cannot remember where I found this-maybe in the floral section of a hobby store?). I added black netting over this. I dressed up the witch hat with fancy netting and bead trim (glued on) and Voila!

Hope you can tell how cute this is from the pictures! And BTW, the witch lamp I thought was so expensive turned out to be just a hat on a stand~not a lamp! So my idea came from misinformation. So glad I took initiative and made it myself!

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  1. Very fun. I love the wizard Harry Potter hat. Chris would totally approve.