Sunday, October 3, 2010

Goodies from Ghoultide...

Everything was so wonderful at Ghoultide gathering that it was extremely hard to decide what to buy. Of course, the crowds around every artist's table kept me from getting too close to many things but friends from CA were there and helped me snag my 'Purrceptiby Happy Monkey Cat' (Purrcie for short) by Laurie Harden. I also found the owl ornament who may reside in my birdcage for the Halloween season. My sister, Lynne, surprised me with a hand painted box with a mouse(!) as an early Christmas gift from an artist who ate breakfast next to us that morning. I wish I could afford something from Scott Smith (Rucus Studio) but alas-so expensive! I did buy some postcards of his work. And I couldn't leave without buying some of the wonderful decorated sugar cookies. My sister snagged a few things which I will admit I lust after (but didn't get pictures of-yet!).
We plan to go again next year!


  1. The moon box looks like the work of a Facebook artist friend, Carolee Clark - yes? I live on the West Coast, so I'll have to enjoy the bloggers who are kind enough to post about their Ghoultide Gathering experiences.

  2. You did really well. What delightful purchases. What a special event. I especially love your owl.

  3. Great collection from some wonderful artists. Someday I plan on attending that show.

  4. You were so sweet to vsf my blog! Thank you.
    my oh my . . You dd find some lovely treasures! What a fun day it was!!!!
    Happy Fall!!

    Lori Ann